3Tips for decorative PVC film

3Tips for decorative PVC film

Here is 3 tips for our decorative PVC film.

Before we talk about the tips, we should know what is PVC film first.

It's made of Polyvinyl chloride, through the calender, it comes from the small powder to film, foil, sheet.

1. Calendering

2. Printing

3. Laminating

4. Sub-roller

Calendering is the most important step for PVC films, it affects the quality and performance.

Printing is for decoration and colors, and it is also the reasy why we call the films as decorative films.

There will be more than 2 layers for most of the films, sometimes it will get 4 or 5 layers as needed, therefore, laminating is necessary during the production.

There are several names of PVC film in different country, such as PVC foil, PVC sheet, Vinyl film, Vinyl foil, Vinyl sheet, rigid film, soft film, etc..

Now, let's see what can the decorative PVC films work for us.

1). For home decor: including the furnishing surface, interior decor

2). For household appliances, like refrigerator, airconditions, speaker.

3). For car decoration, like color changing,  mirror chrome, high gloss glitter, carbon fiber.