How To Maintain The Car After The Vehicle Car Wrap?

How To Maintain The Car After The Vehicle Car Wrap?

In daily life, automotive films play a very important role, and more and more people are aware of the importance of applying automotive films. However, how do we maintain the car after the film?

First, the windows cannot be washed with water directly within 7 days after the film is applied, so as to prevent the newly-laminated vehicle film from falling off because of too much water. Try not to open the "back window defogging line" within 2 weeks after the film is applied, because the moisture will easily adversely affect the defogging line. After the vehicle car wrap is applied to the car, the surface of the film can be wiped with a wet towel, sponge or soft cloth, which can make the surface of the film more fit and clean.

Second, if the vehicle car wrap is accidentally loose during the car wash, it should be returned to the film shop in time to have professionals reposition the film to ensure effectiveness and durability. After applying the film for 30 days, the car can be cleaned by ordinary household cleaning methods.

Third, do not stick or hang items on the window directly after the film, so as not to pull up the suction cup or pull the film out of the gap when sticking the item.

Fourth, use glass water reasonably. At present, there are many types of glass water on the market, which are mainly divided into three types: summer glass water, winter antifreeze glass water and special effect antifreeze glass water. Summer glass water is mainly used to remove flying insect residues on the mirror surface. Winter antifreeze glass water is mainly used to ensure that when the temperature is lower than minus 20 ° C, automobile parts will not be damaged due to icing. Special antifreeze glass water is mainly used in the extremely cold areas of the north, which can ensure that cars will not freeze at minus 40 ° C.

In the routine maintenance of the car film, you should choose the appropriate glass water according to the specific conditions of the season and weather. When the windshield surface is found to be cloudy, it will be brighter with a suitable glass of water. At night, the glass has a problem of random reflection, and it can also be wiped with glass water.