Beijing 2022-XXIV Olympic Winter Games

Beijing 2022-XXIV Olympic Winter Games

                                                                   Beijing 2022

During the new year of Tiger in China, we're all excited to have the 24th Olympic winter games in Beijing!

We're the most pround of our Beijing, the first one who holds both Summer and Winter games in history.

It is the perfect time to have in during Chinese new year, so that we can enjoy the games with our family and friends together.

Let's get stronger together!

And it is also the important moment to show the people all over the world the major achievements of our national anti-epidemic, and create the necessary conditions for the smooth holding of the Olympic Games.

We made it!

Let's enjoy the games and cheer up for all the olympic athletes from 91 countries.

Till now, our Chinese olympic athlets just got their first gold medal!