common quality problem of PVC film

common quality problem of PVC film

Common quality problems of PVC film Part I

Today, we're going to talk about the quality issues, which is the most important part of after sales.

There are many different problems cause by different factors, getting whitening is one of the most common.

Before we discuss the reason, let's check the following video first.

Through the video, we can sea clearly that our PVC film doesn't get any whitening after bent.

However, many of other PVC film will be whitening while they are bent.

And that is the big difference between ours and theirs.

Customers may wonder why it happens.

There are 2 main factors, one is the proportion of the raw material, another is the quality of the raw material.

1. New Japanese PVC material > Other new PVC material > Recycled material, the worst material, the easier get whitening

2. If they add too many CaCO₃ to lower their production cost, the final product will also get whitening easily.