Performance characteristics of PVC vinyl

Performance characteristics of PVC vinyl

a. It has a special weave pattern, design creativity and artistic texture;

b. It has stable physical and chemical properties, acid and alkali resistance, anti-microbial resistance, is not afraid of water, prevents mildew, does not breed bacteria and mites, and is wear-resistant and sound-absorbing;

c. Easy to clean, can be washed directly with water, easy to clean and maintain, and cost-effective;

d. The quality of itself is small: the thickness is 2~3mm, and each square is only 2~3kg, which requires indoor space for building load-bearing, and has special advantages in the renovation of old buildings;

e. The flame retardancy is excellent, and it can reach the fireproof grade B1;

f. Convenient construction and quick use: it can be used after 24h.
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