The 23rd CBD Fair (Guangzhou)-best PVC film supplier in China

The 23rd CBD Fair (Guangzhou)-best PVC film supplier in China

The 23rd CBD Fair (Guangzhou) is held in the Guangzhou city, Pazhou complex.

From 20th July to 23rd July, we Ouger as the best PVC film supplier in China will be there waiting for your visit.

We've prepared for two months, and we're exciting to introduce our latest PVC films.

Booth No.: Area B 12.1-56

1. Super matte finished with soft touch, the most scratch resistant ever!
    The new series is made with the perfect balance, which is kept silky and anti scratch.

2. High gloss with scratch resistance for membrane vacuum pressing!
    People are always asking scratch resistance for the high gloss series, now we make it!
    It is workable for membrane pressing, laminating. 

3. Besides the aboved super star, our new marble stone is also popular for the market.
    Its real texture and natural decor makes it as one of the best seller in interior decoration, as well as the cabinets.

4. Last but not the least, our metallic PVC film is ready for you.
   It is suitable for both membrane vacuum and laminate pressing, and it is real metallic, which is different from others.

No matter what you choose, or what you like, we're expecting your visit and your comment about our PVC films.

Free sample, free delivery, free customized design !