The use method and purpose of PVC foil and matters needing attention

The use method and purpose of PVC foil and matters needing attention

Usage and purpose:

1. Knead the used aluminum foil into small pieces and throw them into the drain of the dishwashing machine. When the aluminum foil is washed with water, it will collide with the drain outlet and produce metal ions. The drain outlet is not easy to be stained with greasy kitchen oil and has a deodorizing function.

2. The aluminum foil kneaded with small pieces has many corners and corners, which can be cut like limbs. At this time, it can be used to peel potatoes, burdock, ginger, etc., don't worry about peeling too much, the details are also easy to peel off, and become a safe peeler.

3. Replace the vegetable cloth to remove the burnt at the bottom of the pot. But if you use a stainless steel pot at home, do not use this method, it is easy to scratch. Cut the blunt scissors on two or three stacks of folded aluminum foil at home, and the scissors can easily retrieve the male scissors. Similarly, fold multiple layers of aluminum foil, and then slowly cut with a kitchen knife, directly using the whetstone! If the weather is cold, the drain pipe will freeze. It is said that wrapping the water pipe with aluminum foil at this time can cut off the frozen air and inhibit the freezing of the water pipe.

Can tin foil be put in the microwave oven
Foil cannot be placed in a microwave oven. The microwave oven uses electromagnetic waves to cook. Metal reflects electromagnetic waves and damages the machine. It cannot be cooked. Ceramic or glass with metal patterns and metal panels cannot work either. You can experiment directly. There are a small amount of metal lace containers that can generate sparks in the microwave. If metal objects enter the microwave to heat up, you will want to see how dangerous it is.
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