What is calendered PVC film

What is calendered PVC film

Today, we're going to talk about "Calendered PVC film", which is produced by Ouger for 20 years.

The aboved production process shows how the calendered PVC films come

1. The main raw material
    PVC powder is the main material for the calendered PVC films, the rest are plasticizers, stabilizers, antioxidants and colorants, etc.

2. The main equipment
    Sieving machine
    PVC resin transportation system
    Mixed grinding slurry metering grinding system
    Automatic scale and high-speed mixer
    Internal mixer
    Filter press and swing feeding device
    Calender and film pulling device
    Film expansion device and slow cooling and cooling device
    Embossing device and cooling car
    Traction, trimming device
    Fixed-length crimping machine
    Calender and attached machine electrical control

3. Matters needing attention in production
 Inspection of the raw material is a must to have step during the whole process.
     Keep the ground clean and dust-free.
     The cooling water temperature needs to be strictly controlled.