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Flooring film with wood grain

  • Flooring film with wood grain
  • Flooring film with wood grain

Flooring Film is one of the most popular decorative material. It is made of Japanese PVC and produced by many complex processes such as calendering, printing

Brand: Ouger
Minorder: 3000
Supply Ability: 40 containers per month
Payment: 100%TT
Port: Guangzhou
Certification: ISO90001&ISO14001
Place: Guangzhou
Packaging: 16 rolls per one pallet

  Product Description  

     Flooring PVC film is the membrane surface decoration material that decides the outward appearance of floorings. It is made of high molecular polymer and various additives by calendaring, printing, and laminating. It is widely used in the production of PVC flooring, including SPC, WPC, LVT, etc.
Product Name Flooring Film
Surface matt / supermatt / high gloss are all available
Raw material Japanese PVC powder
Width range 1000mm~1600mm
Thickness range 0.06mm-0.10mm
Color Any color could be customized
Decor 1200 Patterns Printing Patterns Available
Payment 100% T/T (30% deposit and 70% balance before shipment)

  Product Display  

   Our manufacturing plant was built in 2001 with a huge production base as its floor space is 40000 square meters. The 
   yearly output of our plant exceed 20 thousands tons. Our products meets the EU environmental protections standards
   (RoHS, REACH, FDA) and fire protection standards (ASTM and UL). With multiple advanced calender production lines
   and raw materials from Germany, we take every step carefully to concentrate on our productions and control the quality.

Environmental Protection Standard RoHS, reach, FDA  Embossed PVC film
Fire Protection Standard UL-94 vtm-0
Color Difference Error value < 0.5%
Heat Resistance Stick on the aluminum plate and keep it at 50 ℃ for 30 days continuously, the film body will not wrinkle or deform
Cold Resistance Pasted on the aluminum plate and kept at - 20 ℃ for 30 days continuously, the film body is not embrittled or deformed
Water Resistance The best wood film does not deform after being placed in water for 30 days
Reagent Resistance Resistant to 126 reagents, no trace left after wiping
Stain Resistance Daily life stains contact for 24 hours, no trace left after wiping
Water based ink
As the top Wood PVC film supplier, ouger uses water-based printing ink and back coating. Water-based ink is eco-friendly ink, with less volatile odor than oil-based ink, and it is not easy to curl when placed for a long time.

Own rolling production line
The factory has a rolling production line imported from Germany, which is different from that most other domestic manufacturers need to buy film substrate from upstream manufacturers.

Smaller shrinkage ratio
Due to the self-produced film substrate, the factory can produce products with small shrinkage ratio in the industry, which is better than that of German brand (Renolit).

Blister scratch resistant film
It can produce different series of blister and scratch resistant film. It is one of the few manufacturers that can produce this kind of blister and scratch resistant film in China.

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