Application and material introduction of pvc wood texture film

Application and material introduction of pvc wood texture film

pvc wood texture film is also called pvc wood grain paper, in some areas it is called pvc decorative board or pvc wood grain board, and pvc coating film. It is widely used for office and interior decoration in wood, metal veneer, aluminum-plastic doors and windows, office furniture and office furniture, furniture, cabinets, doors, wooden crafts, gift boxes, speakers and other products.

The flat template is pasted with a cold press or a suitable hot press, and the curved template is pasted with a vacuum laminating machine (the flat surface of the vacuum laminating machine can be pasted by a flat machine that is squeezed by the pressure difference between the vacuum and the outside ) Both flat surfaces can be pasted.

pvc wood texture film

1.pvc wood texture film and plain grain film have two different materials, which are suitable for manual pasting, flat pasting and vacuum blister.

2. Flat paste material is suitable for manual lamination or mechanical roller coating.

3. The vacuum blister material is suitable for vacuum blister bonding. The blister material is usually resistant to temperatures above 120°C.

4. PVC veneer, commonly known as plastic veneer, is a widely used surface decoration material. According to the pattern or color, it can be divided into single color or wood grain, according to the hardness can be divided into PVC film and PVC sheet, according to the brightness can be divided into matte and high gloss. According to veneer technology, it can be divided into flat decorative film and vacuum plastic decorative board. Among them, PVC sheets are usually used in the production of vacuum plastics. Office furniture, cabinet doors, bathroom cabinet doors, home decorative doors and decorative panels usually use PVC panels as vacuum plastic veneers. pvc wood texture film and flat film are suitable for hand sticking, flat sticking and vacuum suction.