How to distinguish PVC film, PE film, PET film, PP film

How to distinguish PVC film, PE film, PET film, PP film

How to distinguish between PVC film, PE film, PET film, and PP film: Generally, the easiest and most common way to judge the type of plastic is to look at the appearance and use, because each plastic has a different purpose and appearance. Based on these two items, you can roughly determine which types of plastics may be, and then burn them with fire, distinguishing them by the color of the flame, the density of the smoke, the color, and the smell. Basically, most common plastics can be distinguished through these two steps. But this requires relatively high experience, and it may be difficult to master at once.

The burning characteristics of several plastic films:

The biggest feature of PVC film is that it self-extinguishes away from the fire. It will catch fire when burned with a fire source. The flame is yellow. When burning, the black smoke is heavy and has a pungent special smell. The flame will automatically go out after the fire source is removed. The part is black.

The PET film will not go out after leaving the fire source, it will continue to burn, and it will shrink while burning. There is also thicker black smoke. The burned part is white and will have a sour taste;

It is difficult to distinguish between PE and PP. Both can burn. The flame is blue. When PE burns, there is a very light white smoke that will melt and drip while burning. The smoke of PP is slightly thicker than that of PE, but there is no melting and dripping. , Both are like the smell of burning candles.