Inorganic Antibacterial PVC film

Inorganic Antibacterial PVC film

Why did we develop inorganic antibacterial PVC film?

1. You have no idea how quicky the bacterial can multiply!
One bacterium:
⚫Up to 2 million in 8 hours
⚫Up to 1 billion in 10 hours
⚫Difficult to calculate after 24hours

2. Bacterial cause disease!
Sars in 2003, H1N1 in 2009, MERS in 2012, COVID-19 in 2020, etc..

What is Inorganic Antibacterial material?
Antibacterial materials have obvious antibacterial effects on pathogenic microorganisms, and could be maintained for a long time.

Antibacterial materials have excellent physical properties, strength and flexibility.

Antibacterial materials have good biocompatibility, nontoxic and harmless to life and environment.

The antibacterial material is clean and environment-friendly, easy to use, and has certain self degradation ability.

Classification and mechanism of Antibacterial agents

What is Ouger Inorganic Antibacterial PVC film?