Matte Car Wrap Maintenance

Matte Car Wrap Maintenance

For installers of automotive packaging paper, customer satisfaction depends on the appearance of the packaging paper weeks or months after installation. More importantly, the useful life of matte car wrap depends largely on how customers maintain their vehicles. Therefore, the success of the matte car wrap business depends not only on creating and installing beautiful matte car wraps, but also on training customers on how to keep them beautiful.

Many of the needs for color-changing skins are for texture or matte paint replacement packaging. These materials include matte black car wrap, matte gray and brushed metal vinyl wrap. Due to the way these films are made, they are more difficult to clean.

matte black car wrap

Why is matt vinyl more difficult to keep clean?
Most cast and calendered films pass through the oven or calendered film, the smooth side and the slightly textured side. Normally, the smooth shiny side is a mask, with the textured side facing down. For matte processing, simply turn the film upside down and process with the texture side up. Because the fine texture destroys the reflected light, the gloss of the film is relatively low.

Even if the texture film was sealed with a transparent coating, it did not change its texture. Therefore, the dumb film of the transparent coating will still have tiny channels and recesses, and as time passes, they may accumulate dust and debris. Some newer color-changing membranes go further through brushed metal or extreme texture effects, and look and feel like carbon fiber, leather, or even reptile scales.

matte car wrap

How to keep matte and textured packages clean
Clean properly
It is recommended to instruct customers to use soapy water to clean matte car wrap, and then use 50/50 of isopropyl alcohol and water to mix. This is an effective cleaning solution that prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt.

Add sealant
It is recommended to pre-treat to seal the matte car wrap and prevent dirt from entering.

Do not install matte white wrapping paper
It is recommended not to install matte white car wrap, which is the most difficult to handle.