Application of wood grain pvc lamination film

Application of wood grain pvc lamination film

Wood grain pvc lamination film is widely used and can be used for a variety of applications. Although these wood-grained plastic wraps that we originally provided were mainly used in vehicle interiors as instrument panels, they are now used in a variety of other applications. Auge wood grain paper is now used as wrapping paper for kitchen and bathroom cabinets and surface decoration of furniture. In other words, 51% of the self-adhesive wood grain contact papers people are looking for are related to construction and furniture applications. The remaining reason for searching for wooden vinyl records is that people are looking for vinyl records that can be cut on the plotter for craft and graphic purposes.

wood grain pvc lamination film

Wood Grain Film for Automobiles

Whether you want to get the popular matte matte wood appearance or the mahogany satin gloss, you can use these Auge wood grain films to quickly and easily wrap the interior panels of cars, trucks or SUVs. You decide to remove the panel and trim it to cover these wraps, or just cover it with vinyl during the ride, and you will love the ease of heating them.

Cabinet sets and furniture finishes

If your IKEA furniture is old or the kitchen cabinets that need to be refurbished need to be refurbished, Auge wood vinyl wrapping paper is a cost-effective and attractive solution for you.

Instructions for Use of PVC Wood Texture

wood grain pvc lamination filmwood grain pvc lamination filmwood grain pvc lamination film

These vinyl films not only give you a super real wood grain appearance, but also have excellent performance.
3 years of durability: Auge's wood grain wrapping paper is laminated and has 3 years of outdoor durability. This means you can use them for at least three years in an unlaminated room.
3D texture: These wood packaging materials have a true three-dimensional texture that you can feel.
Green products: When using this film to repair, repair and renovate old cabinets, aging dashboards, etc., trees and energy can be saved.