Notes on choosing the right protective plastic film

Notes on choosing the right protective plastic film

As a manufacturer of protective films, Auge is committed to researching the types of protective films and the driving force of market growth. As the demand for the protective film market continues to grow, considering the increasing demand for product protection, it is very important to choose the type that suits your needs.

Determine the type of surface to be protected. The protective film can be applied to many types of surfaces, such as:
Painted Surface

In addition, these types of surfaces can have a variety of textures, including smooth, embossed or coated. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the nature of the surface to be protected. If an unsuitable film is selected for a given surface, it may cause bonding failure.

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Understand Application Conditions of Protective Plastic Film

It is a good idea to understand the conditions of the protective film in a given application. Clearly pre-determining the nature of the application will help ensure that the selected protective film can maintain the performance level throughout its required life cycle and reduce the possibility of failure.

Know the Attributes of Protective Plastic Film

Although all protective films are designed to protect surfaces, they have unique properties. These include:
Color tint
Optical grade clarity
The ability to prevent electrostatic discharge

Before choosing a protective film, you must first evaluate the required characteristics. This will ensure that the film provides the correct quality to achieve the desired end-use results.

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Smart Adhesive for Protective Plastic Film

Adhesives also play an important role in determining the performance of protective films. Therefore, it is best to ensure that the selected adhesive meets the needs of the end use before manufacturing the film.